GBA Global Solutions Flying High

We are delighted to announce our new partnership and contract with AJW Group.

This contract with GBA Global Solutions will transform the operational landscape for AJW Group. The agreement represents a significant investment in AJW Group’s future, focused on streamlining operations, reducing costs, and reinforcing the supply chain.

The new logistics contract marks a strategic milestone in AJW Group’s history. Over the next two years, AJW will collaborate closely us  to implement an innovative logistics model, integrating cutting-edge technology for enhanced efficiency and seamless accommodation of high growth.

“In today’s dynamic aviation and business environment, AJW Group’s transformation journey is crucial for its success,” said Barry Swift BEng, MSc, MCIPS, Chief Operating Officer of AJW. “Through the proactive reassessment and innovation in our logistics operations, we demonstrate our commitment to staying at the forefront of operational efficiency.”

Driven by the need for faster logistics activities and enhanced connectivity, AJW’s strategy positions the company for sustained growth and operational excellence.

Peter Wilkinson, GBA Global Solutions Managing Director, commented “The management team of GBA Global Solutions are delighted to be given the opportunity to support with the simplification and optimisation of AJW supply chain and are looking forward to furthering our collaboration by extending upon the Airside Logistics Services we have been providing for the past 5 years.”

This is real significant achievement and milestone for the Global Solutions team. So, well done team!