Celebrating the Coronation

Celebrating the Coronation. 

Along with our customers, colleagues, and families, GBA Logistics would like to congratulate His Majesty King Charles III on his coronation. Let’s celebrate this special occasion together.

GBA Leadership and Management Programme

GBA Leadership and Management Programme.

It was with great pleasure and excitement that earlier this year we launched our ‘Leadership and Management Programme’ aimed at supporting and inspiring our leaders of today and tomorrow.

We recognise how effective leadership and management is crucial in achieving individual, business unit and organised success.

Working closely with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), GBA are delivering a programme which promotes and develops leadership and management behaviours and skills in many critical areas.

Driver's Representative Meetings

Driver's Representative Meetings.

GBA hosts regular Driver’s Representative Meetings at the various GBA offices in the UK which focus on gathering valuable feedback from drivers.

These meetings are essential for improving efficiency, productivity, service and support for our drivers.

GBA's Ranking in Motor Transport Magazine's Top 100

GBA's Ranking in Motor Transport Magazine's Top 100.

Late in 2022, GBA were featured in the Motor Transport Top 100 and were overall ranked as the 47th largest UK road transport and warehousing operator. We were also ranked:

  • 1st in our segment for ‘growth in profit’
  • 3rd in our segment for ‘sales per employee’
  • 8th in our segment for ‘return on capital’

This is all thanks to the work of our dedicated GBA Family.

To find out more visit: Motor Transport Top 100 2022 | Motor Transport

Stress Awareness Month 2023

Stress Awareness Month 2023.

It’s the start of Stress Awareness Month, this year’s theme being anxiety.

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunities to educate on stress and anxiety, recognising it in yourself and other people, and the impacts that it can have on your wellbeing. This month provides a great focus on this vital topic, especially within the professional world.

With ‘family’ being one of our key values here at GBA, we endeavour to make sure our workforce is well supported. We have our own experienced and trained mental health advisors positioned at each of our depots, forming the first point of contact for any of our team members who need a helping hand to improve their wellbeing.

SAFED Training – GBA’s Vision to Drive to a Sustainable Future

SAFED Training – GBA’s Vision to Drive to a Sustainable Future.

In 2021 we implemented a driver development strategy to enhance our teams’ skills and abilities to perform safe and fuel-efficient driving.

This training course is designed to motivate, educate and develop all GBA drivers and in turn help us to achieve our business goals by providing driver development, reducing GBA’s environmental impact and increasing our profitability.

Two years on, we are staying committed to our objectives on sustainability and encouraging our drivers to take SAFED courses to ensure our environmental impact continues to be as minimal as possible. Upon completion, our drivers will be qualified to teach the SAFED training courses to fellow GBA drivers ensuring our people stay informed and conscious of their impacts on the planet.

International Leadership Week

International Leadership Week.

This week is International Leadership Week and at GBA Logistics we place great importance on the personal and professional growth that this event inspires.

International Leadership Week is all about nurturing qualities that are integral to great leadership and realising the positive impacts that they can have on those around you. This week we are encouraging our employees to self-reflect and engage with content and podcasts that assist in raising leadership standards.

Setting an example, both environmentally and professionally is important to us and so in the words of GBA’s Managing Director, Peter Zak:

Our knowledge is nothing without the skills to apply it.

To learn more about GBA and the values we celebrate, watch our corporate movie.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023.

Today is International Women’s Day, and what a great time for us all to show our appreciation for the women around us!

At GBA Logistics, we are inspired by the brilliant women in our business and value their dedication and outstanding work each and every day.

Here’s to celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women across the globe, and to continuing to work towards a more equitable society for all.

Laying the foundations for education in Sierra Leone

Laying the foundations for education in Sierra Leone.

Our HR Director, Jane Dawe and Paul Birkbeck, Managing Director – Fleet Management, recently visited Sierra Leone to witness the amazing work that is going on at the ‘New Hope Academy’. GBA Logistics are very proud to be working with the International Aid Trust, building the secondary school in Lungi, Sierra Leone.

International Aid Trust started working with this community 13 years ago and built the New Hope Primary school. This took children off the streets and provided them with a safe place to learn with food each day.

New Hope Academy will see the children continuing education through secondary school.

“Education is something all children should have and something we take for granted. New Hope Academy will have such an impact on the lives of hundreds and hundreds of children and will provide opportunities in the future”.

Jane Dawe, HR Director, GBA Logistics

Here’s a few photos of the Directors laying some of the founding bricks at the Foundation Ceremony.

Our latest CNG vehicle joins the fleet! 

Our latest CNG vehicle joins the fleet!

It’s been a very exciting morning here at GBA Logistics, as we’ve just collected our latest CNG Vehicle from our friends at Walton Summit Truck Centre.

This new shiny HGV has all the latest features including state-of-the-art health, safety and security measures to keep our drivers safer on the roads. Plus, as a CNG vehicle, it reduces our CO2 carbon emissions by over 90%!

We’re delighted to see this beautiful new truck join our growing fleet of more environmentally friendly CNG vehicles.